Purity Dairies

Back in 1925, Miles Ezell was a young newlywed loading milk trucks for the Nashville Pure Milk Company. He and his wife Estelle lived with his parents on a small dairy farm owned by Dr. C.N. Cowden, a successful West Meade/Nashville physician.

Dr. Cowden gave Ezell an option to rent his milking operation, which included 60 cows, equipment and an old delivery truck, and start his own dairy. In 1945, Ezell merged with Rosebank Dairies and Purity Dairies was born.

Miles Ezell was always particular about the quality of his products and services. He was the driving force behind many innovative operations such as the use of refrigerated tanks on dairy farms and vacuum pasteurization. His packaging breakthroughs – the use of non-wax milk cartons followed by the famous yellow plastic jug – helped the company remain a leader in quality, freshness and delivery.

Today, Purity is the only remaining dairy in Davidson County, Tenn. We produce more than 100 different products for customers throughout Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky.

In one of many letters to his family, Miles Ezell wrote: “In order to succeed, think big, dream, work hard, and be honest” – words from a man who not only believed this way, but lived this way.



Our commitment to excellence

At Dean Foods, we aim to be the most trusted source of wholesome, delicious dairy products for every occasion. We never forget how fortunate we are to be invited into your home. And we earn our place by holding ourselves to the highest standards.

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