Gandy’s is a full-service dairy processor and distributor serving the West Texas area.

The current company got its start in 1924 in Lubbock, Texas, when Joe Bonner and R.C. Smith opened Bell Ice Cream Company. A few years later, in 1934, Loy Gandy bought a defunct dairy co-op in San Angelo, Texas, with the help of Fort Worth’s H.C. Vandervort and others. Although the two dairies operated independently for many years, in 1995 they were consolidated under the Gandy brand name.

Gandy’s fluid milk, buttermilk, ice cream mix, half and half and fruit drinks are still West Texas favorites. Gandy’s. 85 years and still fresh!

Our commitment to excellence

At Dean Foods, we aim to be the most trusted source of wholesome, delicious dairy products for every occasion. We never forget how fortunate we are to be invited into your home. And we earn our place by holding ourselves to the highest standards.

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